Father Of Fallen Muslim War Hero Teaches Trump A Lesson About REAL American Values…

Father Of Fallen Muslim War Hero Teaches Trump A Lesson About REAL American Values…

America has a history of values that encourage people of all creed, race, religions, beliefs and even nationalities towards working for the common good that is the American dream. The American dream is all about working hard without fear of intimidation. These values have encouraged many people from different parts of the world to migrate to America permanently in pursuit of the American dream. However due to the latest distrust towards Muslims that has been brought about by the cowardice of Islamic militia, some of the Muslims in different parts of the world have been suspiciously handled even when they are innocent.

Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump has recently been involved in Islamophobia in his wrong way of trying to gain votes. In his argument, he promises to deport or bar Muslims from entering the United States of America as according to him the poses security threat to the good people of America. In retaliation, the America with Islam background have been very Vocal in condemning his talks stating that the American values supersede colors and all the faiths. Many Americans of all origins have in one way or another sacrificed themselves for one reason or another in the quest to fulfill their American duty. Some even lose their lives in the quest for doing so. It is very unfair for selfish politicians like Donald Trump to claim that some Americans are fewer citizens just because some cowardly act by a section rogue Muslims.

In support of the American Muslim, there are some of the Americans Muslims who have been at the forefront of serving the country and have made sacrifices that have been lauded by many when it comes to making sacrifices. One such example of exemplary service is the story of Captain Humayun S.M. Khan. He was a member of the 201st Forward Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division. Captain Khan was a Pakistani Muslim, who was born in UAE but moved to Virginia in the USA. After graduating from the University of Virginia, he joined the Army to fund his law school tuition. However, he died in Baquabah, Iraq on 8th June 2004 when a car bomb went off at his checkpoint. Captain Khan in an act of utter bravery ordered the members of his crew to take cover as he approached the car alone. The action prompted the suicide bombers to detonate the car killing Captain Khan in the process. Captain Khan Act of bravery ensured that only one American died that day. In his death, he was awarded the Bronze Star and buried with full honors reserved for a soldier. Captain Khan will forever be remembered by his colleagues for his bravery, courage, honesty and a sense of humor during his service time.

Following the attack by Mr. Trump, the father of the slain American war hero went ahead to criticize Trump following his derogatory comments. He said that Muslims are Americans and citizens who contribute to the well being of the country they all adore and are proud of. He says that may American Muslims just like his son would die for America. The American values that they have been brought up with are the main reason they would go to such an extent to protect the country’s values. However, people like Trump do not know the values, and that is why he made it his mission to let him know what American Muslims feel about his comments.

In conclusion, leaders are supposed to unite and not the ones who stirs separation. Trump’s comments have been put to scrutiny and for the sake of unity, such leaders should not be allowed a place in the office.

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