Family Of 10 on Welfare Demands More From Government On What They’re Entitled To

Family Of 10 on Welfare Demands More From Government On What They’re Entitled To

It’s no secret that some folks work extremely hard at crafting plans to live off of taxpayers. Lots of people have collections of personal stories to share about these kinds of people. However, if your own supply of anecdotes regarding government moochers is running low, here is one more you can share with your buddies.

This story involves a man named Arnold Sube, his wife Jeanne, and all of their eight children. In 2012, Arnold left France with his family to study mental health nursing. While he studied at the University of Bedfordshire, his family lived in a council house with three bedrooms. However, the three bedroom house doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for Arnold and his family. He says, “It’s so cramped and the conditions are terrible. Everyone is sleeping everywhere and my wife is sleeping with the baby.” He continues, “I am on the sofa. I am homeless in my home now.” In other words, Arnold feels he needs a new house. However, it’s fascinating to learn he turned one down.

The British Council offered Arnold and his family a house with five bedrooms. This would have given Arnold and his wife their own room. It would also allow only two children to be in each bedroom, a sleeping arrangement not uncommon in even wealthy American homes. However, Arnold did not feel this was generous enough for his family. He refused the relatively spacious home with five bedrooms and insisted he be given a home with six bedrooms.

Astoundingly, instead of allowing Arnold to take the offer or leave it, the British Council put Arnold and his family up in a hotel that is costing taxpayers an average of $200 a night. This has added up to over $50,000! All of this money has come from taxpayers.

If this sounds incredible, there is even more to the story. Arnold and his family also receive $60,000 a year from the government through various housing benefits, child benefits, and child tax credits. That’s a lot of goodwill from the British Council.

Thankfully, the government finally seemed to see the insanity of Arnold’s demands. A Luton Borough Council spokesperson recently issued a statement. He said, “Despite difficulties, we managed to find Mr. and Mrs. Sube affordable housing in Luton that is large enough to house them and their eight children.” The spokesperson continued, “After a generous offer on our part, we have done our bit and if housing is offered and declined without, what we judge, good reason, then we will offer property to another family.” In other words, Arnold will have to take the generous house he was offered or leave it. There will be no more free rides for him and his family.

Not surprisingly, people around the Internet rejoiced over the news. Nearly everyone following the story found Arnold and his family to be selfish and ungrateful. Comments starting pouring in under statements regarding the issues. One person wrote, “Don’t give them anything! Ungrateful assholes!!!!!” Another reader wrote, “It’s likely that you’re correct “soon they will get nothing.” Finally, someone else complained, “The government needs their head examined. Greed on the backs of hard working people. Maybe they should stop having children they can’t afford and expecting others to pay for it.”

What do you think about the plight of Arnold and his family? Do you think his family should have been put up in a hotel during this whole debacle? Do you think there needs to be a huge culture shift in people expecting a handout? Let us know in the comments below!

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