Experts Uncover Top Secret Server Trump Has Used To Talk To Russian Bankers

Experts Uncover Top Secret Server Trump Has Used To Talk To Russian Bankers

A few of the greatest tech minds in America have been digging into Republican nominee Donald Trump’s private email server. Over the past few weeks, these tech experts have told the press that they believe there are real ties between the Republican campaign and the Kremlin. According to their research, tech experts believe the Trump Organization has been in contact with the Russian bank called Alfa Bank using a private email server.

For those who don’t know, Alfa Bank is one of the largest banks in all of Russia. Alfa is headquartered in Moscow, and it serves millions of retail clients today. Most of these clients are in either Russia or Ukraine.

This private group of tech investigators looked at when activity between Trump and Alfa Bank was at its highest. They discovered that communications increased during some of the most pivotal moments in the U.S. presidential campaign. Some of these researchers actually put together a graph showing when activity was heightened and what was going on in the campaign at the time.

To gain more clarity on the Trump Organization’s connection to the Moscow-based bank, researchers decided to contact Alfa Bank directly. Once these researchers reached out to Alfa Bank, the Trump Organization allegedly shut down the domain being used to contact the bank.

Some computer experts believe the Trump Organization was told to shut down their email server by Alfa Bank. These researchers theorize that Alfa Bank let the Trump team know that the New York Times was planning on writing up a story on the bank’s connection to the Trump campaign.

Just four days after this server was mysteriously shut down, computer specialists saw that the Trump Organization developed a brand new server to get in touch with Alfa Bank. This server was found using a technology called Domain Name System (DNS). DNS basically works like a directory system for the Internet. Interestingly, it was the DNS that was disabled only a week ago when both Twitter and the New York Times’ websites went down.

Donald Trump has told reporters that this new mysterious server is only used for marketing purposes. When digging into this domain name deeper, researchers came to the conclusion that this new domain is actually owned by one of Trump’s hospitality marketing companies.

DNS experts say that the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank are involved in private email exchanges on this new server. Many experts believe that the secrecy that shrouds these emails is a cause for concern. Some believe that this Russian bank has been interfering in a major way with this presidential election, and the Trump Organization’s involvement with their meddling has yet to be fully explored.

Donald Trump has openly told reporters that the Trump Organization has absolutely no ties to Alfa Bank. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, however, is calling for the FBI to launch an exhaustive investigation of this server.

Clinton has been extremely critical of Russia and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin throughout this race for the White House. She believes that Russia’s intelligence community may be involved in hacking various U.S. servers.

Democrats are hoping that the FBI will investigate the Trump Organization’s server before Election Day on November 8th. Of course, the FBI is currently involved in probing Hillary Clinton’s own emails after the FBI Director James Comey opened up an investigation into her private email account just a few days ago. There has been no official word yet from the FBI whether or not they will open an investigation into Trump’s emails.

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