Exhausted Rescue Puppy Tries To Snuggle After Being Tied To A Fence, But Can’t Figure It Out

If this tender story and amazing video don’t warm your heart a few degrees, then maybe you don’t understand some of the finer moments in life. These are the simple things that happen when you least expect them to.

This brief video captures quite a lot in its adorable minutes. Watch it, and see how everything unfolds. The main characters are just two, a sleeping baby curled up on a blue blanket on the floor and the cutest puppy ever.

A police officer had found and rescued this puppy with the big, sad eyes, after finding her abandoned and tied up to a fence with a yellow cord.

The police officer brought the little pup to his home, and he and his wife recorded her near their sleeping 3-month-old baby boy.

The pup observes the infant sleeping on his belly and briefly tries to nuzzle the baby’s head. The tiny canine continues watching the sleeping baby in an almost protective way. The puppy is also tired and slowly almost dozing off. She tries to lay down and snuggle up to the baby. She walks around the blanket a bit, then gets comfy and lays down with her tiny head across the sleeping baby’s head and neck. There she rests peacefully, snuggled next to the baby, who never awakens from the action going on around him.

The couple is blown away by the tenderness in these real moments captured on video. They ooh and ahh over the bonding between the two littlest ones.

Talk about cuteness overload; this video is one of the best ever. So far, more than 37 million people have watched it. That speaks volumes about the beauty of a human being and connection to God’s amazing creature, the dog.

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