Everyone Is Cracking Up In This Wedding Photo. But When I Find Out Why? I DIED LAUGHING! LOL

Some people are happy when they’re invited to weddings and discover that children aren’t allowed at the events. Children, adorable as they are, can sometimes be rather disruptive to weddings. They can also often get extremely restless during them, and understandably so. Some children get particularly restless during weddings, and there often isn’t much their poor parents can do to manage the situations. A couple recently was in the middle of saying their wedding vows.

Things came to an abrupt halt, however, when their young son (in a very loud voice) stated to all that he had to go to the restroom to go number two. A call of nature, for sure, but a highly annoying one for two adults in the middle of their important wedding vows. The vast majority of parents out there surely understand how frightening and unnerving it can be when their children tell them that they have urgent bathroom situations on their hands. This can be especially frightening when parents are in the middle of events that are as sophisticated and formal as weddings.

Weddings and urgent bathroom emergencies don’t exactly mix too well, after all. They actually don’t mix in any way! Although the youngster definitely shocked his parents during their vows, the pair couldn’t help but smile. The ridiculousness of the entire thing was pretty hard to deny. Wedding days are supposed to be beautiful and majestic experiences in peoples’ lives. They’re also, however, supposed to be happy experiences. Since the young boy managed to make his parents grin big during their vows, he also managed to make them feel pretty happy on their wedding days. What could actually be better than that? Not much, if anything.

Some frustrated parents attempt to get their young children to behave by giving them sweet treats such as candy. That tactic isn’t always effective, clearly. While the children may accept the candy and enjoy it heartily, that doesn’t necessarily stop them from having to tell the world about their pressing bathroom emergencies. This little boy is too young to understand that he should keep matters like this private. He’s also too young to know that there’s a time and a place for everything. Thankfully for him, he’s a small child and his behavior is endearing.

Most parents have probably been in similar situations to these people before, but hopefully not during their weddings. It isn’t uncommon for children to have to urgently go potty in the middle of long and stressful car rides. It isn’t uncommon for them to have emergency bathroom requests in the middle of traffic jams that have gone on for hours, either. Children! They truly say and do the darnedest things. It’s okay, though, because they’re simply too adorable and cute to be annoying. Although their innocent actions can sometimes be a little frustrating and irksome, it’s absolutely impossible to stay angry at them for too long.

This little son surely gave his parents the funny wedding memory of a lifetime. They’ll probably be talking about this experience with family members and friends for years and years to come. What happened was totally priceless. You sometimes can’t make things up in life. Some things are truly funnier and more amusing than fiction. This is definitely one of those cases. This little boy will probably look back on his parents’ wedding video as an adult with total fondness. It’s amazing being able to document hilarious memories on video like this. The whole family can remember this funny tale forever. The little boy may find it a little bit embarrassing some day, as well.

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