Even Cages Can’t Keep These Two Best-Buds From Doing Best-Bud Things

Even Cages Can’t Keep These Two Best-Buds From Doing Best-Bud Things

The phrase “fight like cats and dogs” might be true in some situations, but cats and dogs don’t always disagree. In fact, some cats and dogs form strong and adorable friendships. A new video shows a kitten who will go to great lengths to reunite with his puppy friend.

Both the kitten and the puppy live in separate cages at an animal shelter. The cages are made of plastic dividers on all sides, so they can easily see around them. The two cages are also right next to each other, so both animals are aware of the other’s presence. The short video begins with the kitten scrambling over the top of the plastic divider. As the kitten struggles to reach the top of the divider, the puppy wakes up and becomes extremely excited as he notices what’s going on. He reaches for the kitten and seems to offer some encouragement, which prompts the kitten to try even harder to escape.

Incredibly, the kitten makes it to the top of his cage, moves sideways while balancing on the top of the plastic divider, and jumps into the puppy’s cage. The puppy reaches for the kitten and wags his tail the whole time, and he becomes overjoyed when the kitten finally makes it.

The video was posted on Facebook on June 29 and has received more than 36,000 views. Hundreds of people have liked the video, and dozens of people have commented on how cute the video is. Animal friendships can become adorable stories, and this kitten and puppy are one of the best duos the Internet has seen.

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