Entire Neighborhood Puts A Chair On Their Front Lawn For This Heart Wrenching Reason

For years, Charlie George walking his two dogs on the streets of the residential neighborhood where he lives in Houston has been a common sight. Sometimes, a cat follows along as well. Charlie is a friendly man, and his neighbors are always happy to see him.

About three three years ago, they noticed that he was walking more slowly. Charlie was suffering from leukemia, and the daily walks were becoming more difficult for him.

So, a neighbor who lived along his route put out a chair for him to use to rest. Another neighbor followed this example, and now there are chairs all along his route for him to use to take a rest wherever he feels the need. These chairs aren’t necessarily for Charlie. Anyone who needs a rest can use them.

Charlie said that his neighbors have been wonderful since he got sick by giving him food and offering to help around the house. He said that he is so touched by the chairs being put out that he often wants to cry when he sees them. His wife echoed these sentiments. In this one neighborhood in Houston, at least, community spirit and concern for neighbors is still very much alive.

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