Ellen’s Guest FLIPS In Front Of Live Audience When She Looks Behind Her And Sees THIS

A military wife named Mary went on the “Ellen” show in 2015 to talk about her husband, Chris, who had to go away for military training in Missouri. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he was unable to make it home to celebrate the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary, and Mary was heartbroken.

Ellen first surprised Mary with a phone call from Chris, and their emotional conversation was shared with the audience. When the call ended, Ellen brought Mary on stage to add detail to the couple’s difficult life, including the fact their car was about to quit, and Mary had to drive it for a 12-hour round trip to see her husband.

The second surprise came when Ellen presented Mary with a new Ford Escape SUV. Mary was so excited, she nearly fainted, and Ellen had to hold her up. The third and biggest surprise was yet to come.

Ellen asked if someone could bring out the keys to the vehicle, and Mary’s husband appeared with a bouquet of flowers and a big grin. Mary jumped up and down so hard, she knocked her microphone loose as she ran into her husband’s arms. This event was just one of many examples of Ellen’s generosity to military families.

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