Ellen Sticks Her Hand In A Teenage Barista’s Tip Jar – But Watch His Reaction To This Surprise!

Ellen DeGeneres is a woman who is known for making others laugh while on television and is also a woman who is known for helping others who are in need. Whether it’s money for a medical bill or a new car when a family has nothing to drive, Ellen does a little bit of everything to give back to the community.

Sam is a young man who works at Starbucks. He has a life like any other teenager. He goes to school before going to work in the hopes that he will be able to go to college and have a career. However, many people didn’t think that he would have a job as he is autistic. When he attended a camp for those with his condition, he met a manager of a Starbucks in his town.

The manager decided to give him a job. Sam was able to learn about the job through repeated movements. Soon, he started dancing while at work as a way of entertainment for the guests and as a way to keep him focused on the tasks of the job.

Ellen learned about the manager and Sam, and she soon had both of them on her show. She wanted to show her appreciation to both of them for the work that they do in the store. Ellen gave Sam an envelope from the tip jar that was on the counter of the store. Sam’s dreams were granted, and the reaction of both Sam and his manager is enough to bring tears to the eyes of anyone watching. Sam has been wanting to go to Japan, and Ellen surprises him with a trip.

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