Ellen Slams Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law With THIS Powerful Monologue:

Ellen Slams Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law With THIS Powerful Monologue:

Recently the state of Mississippi introduced passed a new bill called the “Religious Liberty” bill. This bill will allow those who have religious objection to those who are a part of the LGBT community to deny them the right to be married, to foster children, to adopt children, to refuse to employ them, to fire them, to refuse to sell or rent them property.

During her opening monologue on her show last Wednesday, comedienne Ellen DeGeneres addressed the state’s new bill and her feelings on it. She starts off with telling her audience that normally she does not follow politics, but this issue is not a political one, that “this is human rights”.

She brought up the point that the United States Supreme Court, the highest ruling court in the country, has already ruled that marriage is a right for all people, but apparently Mississippi feels that they do not have to abide by that ruling.

Ellen went on to offer support to those in the LGBT community who are currently living in Mississippi and other places that have similar discriminatory laws. She told them most of all to not lose hope.

She went on to tell her audience about a time when she was fired for being gay and it caused her to lose everything she had. Now, Ellen is so successful that she would be able to purchase the governor’s mansion.

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