Ellen Goes NUTS When Her Guest Flaunts This New Type Of Bra – Keep Your Eyes On That Sweater!

Ellen is a voice on television who makes a lot of jokes while still maintaining a serious side when it’s needed. She heard about a doctor in New York who came up with a treatment to give women larger breasts for 24 hours. Ellen, with a bit of sarcasm thrown in, offered praise for the doctor and the treatment.

There is another doctor who has developed a way to make breasts larger for a few weeks. They are called “Vacation Breasts”, and they last long enough for women to go on a vacation so that they can look better in a bathing suit.

Elle decided to come up with an idea of her own to make breasts larger. She designed the “Adjust-a-Bust.” The device enlarges the breasts no matter where the woman is or what she’s doing at any time of the day. She asked a woman in her audience to demonstrate the product on stage.

The audience offered several laughs at the breast enlargement treatment, and Ellen couldn’t even keep a straight face while talking to the woman who demonstrated the product.

This goes to show that not all beauty treatments are worth getting all worked up over and spending a lot of money on, especially those that don’t last for a long time. Some treatments are even hilarious and can be laughed at when they are seen.

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