Ellen Asks Her Assistant For Help – Seconds Later, They Look Up To See HIM Walk Onstage

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is known for her generosity and acts of kindness she performs for the guests on her show. Apparently that extends to the crew on the show as well. On an episode of her hit daytime show “Ellen”, the popular host helped set up a surprise involving one of her reporters and her wardrobe assistant.

It all starts with a segment involving Ellen in her studio in Burbank and her reporter Aaron doing a live piece in Chicago in front of a live audience. During their live feed something goes wrong with the connection and the cameras cut due to technical difficulties.

Ellen calls for some assistance from her wardrobe assistant Jen. By the way, it just so happens that Aaron and Jen are dating. While Jen is on stage helping Ellen adjust her mic, Aaron comes out from backstage dressed in a black suit and tie! Jen looks shocked as the pair hug and Ellen takes a step out of the spotlight.

Aaron then gets down on one knee and presents a ring to Jen who looks speechless, but is nodding and smiling at him. He stands up, places the ring on her finger, and the two kiss. Ellen is sitting off to the side, smiling as she watches her co-workers take the next step in their relationship.

While everyone thought the cameras were off for this, they were rolling and captured the touching moment between the newly engaged couple. Congratulations to Aaron and Jen!

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