Elizabeth Warren Tears The FBI Director UP, For Persecuting Hillary But Not Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren Tears The FBI Director UP, For Persecuting Hillary But Not Wall Street

After yet another revelation courtesy of James Comey, the current Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Senator Elizabeth Warren is now imploring the FBI to come forward with what they have uncovered while investigating the 11 individuals and 14 corporations that were considered worthy of criminal prosecution by the FCIC in 2010.

Warren remarked that Comey’s actions have already pointed to a precedent for looking into anyone directly involved in a financial crisis; that new standards make a case for transparency in working with the FCIC. She went on to remark that is Clinton’s e-mail server were worthy of repeated investigation, then so should the individuals involved in 2008’s financial crisis; an event that saw the destruction of trillions of dollars in homes, jobs and pensions.

Warren cited that the reason for the FCIC’s existence was to investigate financial malfeasance, discern who might be responsible for it and whether or not such persons should be handed off to the courts for justice. While the FCIC did as it was told and referred the relevant parties to the DOJ, not a single senior executive of Wall Street has faced prosecution. She went on to remark that after so many million American lives were irrevocably altered from the financial crash, the details surrounding the FCIC-referred individuals should be brought forth to the American public. Warren quipped that while the FBI has never previously revealed information regarding an investigated party’s dossier, Clinton would never have to worry had she been a bank.

While Massachusetts’ Senator Warren has been concentrating on safeguarding the American public from financial catastrophe, James Comey’s actions paint a very different list of concerns. Of the 25 entities recommended by the FCIC for criminal investigation, only one of them, Daniel Mudd, has ever faced a civil penalty. However, Mudd’s $100,000 fine was covered by government backing.

Comey conveys a glaring double standard when it comes to financing where banks and bankers earn the equivalent of a free pass and anonymity while dragging Clinton’s persona through the mud when she has done little if anything to merit such scrutiny. This becomes even more curious after Comey remarked in July that no one could sufficiently charge Clinton, yet he has continued to harangue the government and the public with details surrounding the investigation. Willing release of investigation details, including the administration of an indictment, is a violation of the DOJ’s policy to keep silent 60 days prior to an election.

Given the impression that the FBI has been dragging its feet to inform the American public about everyone named by the FCIC in the 2008 investigation, it raises the question of just how much of time will pass for actions to be taken against those parties responsible for the Great Recession.

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