Elizabeth Warren Just Tookdown Donald Trump – And It Is Going Viral

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been making waves in the Democratic Party for some time. She has come to be known as an outspoken Progressive who does not pander to the establishment or the people with money in Washington. This has made her an enemy of many Republicans who believe that her ideals are akin to communism or socialism. Warren has earned her place in the government by doing everything possible to help the people of America and her constituents in Massachusetts. It is no surprise that Warren has come out against the idea of a Donald Trump presidency in 2016.

Something that is becoming more apparent every day is that Donald Trump is harming the democratic process in the country. He has taken to holding rallies where his supporters are basically encouraged to attack dissenters and protestors. Conservative media stars are claiming that his First Amendment rights are being taken away without understanding what that statement means. Trump has turned the entire Republican Party into a laughing-stock through his divisive tirades, insults towards elected officials and fact-free propaganda. Trump has managed to lower the bar of political discourse in this country and is profiting from it through his various business endeavors.

Something amazing that is happening is the backlash against Trump and his neo-fascist politics. Trump is obsessed with the idea of becoming some type of king who wields ultimate authoritarian power. His supporters eat up the idea because they believe they are on the winning side of things. What his supporters have not realized yet is that Trump is an opportunist with no regard for anything or anyone. This is evident when he talks about how he has used the laws of the country, bankruptcy hearings and undocumented workers to benefit his company without regard for the harm he is doing to others. His supporters do not realize just how quickly they will be thrown under the bus as soon as it benefits Trump to do so.

Elizabeth Warren decided to take to Facebook to start voicing her opinion about the outspoken Republican presidential candidate. She posted that “there is a history of demagogues calling those they disagree with terrorists and using that as justification for intimidation and violence,” referring to Trump. This statement seems to be referencing the recent string of violent outbreaks at Trump rallies where his supporters blatantly attack non-white people, threaten to kill protestors and yell racist remarks at anyone who appears to be different.

Warren continued by saying that “Trump is a bigger, uglier threat every day,” urging people of all political persuasions to stand up to his bigotry. Her beliefs are shared by a large portion of the country. Trump has managed to cross a line that even the most hateful Conservatives would not. This has resulted in a unified backlash. Media figures, politicians and even average citizens who would never have commented on this type of thing are jumping into the ring to criticize and disown Trump. This happens even as Trump claims that everyone in the country loves him and supports him.

Elizabeth Warren Just Tookdown Donald Trump – And It Is Going Viral

Elizabeth Warren is a powerful voice for people on the Democratic side of the aisle. She is also a rational voice in the sea of people who serve special interests. The hope is that a simple and direct message will motivate people to get out and vote for anyone other than Trump. The message might not be effective for Republicans, however. Warren is seen as some type of Liberal elite by people on the opposite end of the political spectrum. The basic idea is still valid and supported by people across the country. Donald Trump is bad for democracy and potentially disastrous for the country.

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