Elizabeth Warren Eats GOP Alive For Gutting Ethics Congressional Office

Elizabeth Warren Eats GOP Alive For Gutting Ethics Congressional Office

Widely considered to be one of the darlings of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, there is perhaps no one in the world who knows how to express their dismay better than Senator Elizabeth Warren. When Republicans surprised the entire country by voting to get rid of the Ethics office, many people in the country were horrified by the move.

In an environment where democracy is being tested on a daily basis, it only seems appropriate that so many were sensitive to the issue. in fact, even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was opposed to the move—and he was extremely vocal about his disapproval. Still, lawmakers did not appear to heed his warning and were forced to experience the fallout on the following day.

Warren, meanwhile, took to the internet in support of external watchdogs. Pointing out the fact that the GOP held this vote in the middle of the night, before any new Congress members were sworn in, Warren shined a spotlight on the shady nature of the proceedings.

She also sarcastically asked the GOP who it was that seemed to be under the impression that Washington’s issues can be boiled down to too much oversight. In a strange political climate in which everything seems to be upside-down, it would appear that the vast majority of the American public agreed wholeheartedly with Warren. Within hours, the GOP retracted their bold action.

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