Elderly Slips, Falls, And Is Left For Dead. What A Stray Dog Does To Save Him Is A Miracle

Derik Hodgson is an old man who lives in an isolated cabin in Ontario. He has actually had a friend by his side for many years, and this is a puppy that he found in the bushes years ago. Badger was abandoned as a puppy, and Derik rescued him. Over the years, the dog showed how grateful he was for being rescued, and he really proved his worth by saving his owner’s life.

One dy, out on the ice, Derik fell down and broke his leg. He was in an isolated area and on his back unable to move. He was wearing only a light jacket, and the temperature was about 20 below zero. Fortunately, Badger was there to help him. Derek grabbed onto Badger’s collar and said “mush.”

The dog then pulled him all the way back to his cabin, where he was able to reach up and open the door to drag himself in. He was then able to call 911 and get himself the medical attention that he needed.

Badger is a true hero, and he is now a 2015 inductee for Purina’s Animal Hall of Fame. It is always wonderful to see just how loving and selfless these animals can be.

Badger was a stray dog who truly loved his rescuer, to the point that he was willing to do anything to save his life. Had it not been for this heroic and wonderful dog, Derik Hodgson says himself that he would not be alive today.

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