Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer is Treated with Cannabis Oil – Walks Out of Hospice Same Day

The mainstream medical community would have you believe that theirs is the only path to wellness and vitality, but that is almost the opposite of the truth in many cases. Traditional western medicine has evolved into an industry, and like all other industries, the goal is to make money. What standard medicine calls ‘effective treatment’ might actually be no more than a way for the medical establishment to glean revenue from an unsuspecting and undereducated populace.

Corinne Malance is the daughter of a man who recently experienced one of the most trying times of his life, but that led him to have a better understanding of the world as it truly exists. Stan Rutner, Corrine’s father, had a history of cancer long before the fateful day in 2011 when he got news of its return. He was diagnosed with cancer in 1989, but a standard allopathic treatment caused the disease to go into remission at the time.

Years later, Stan felt he was coming down with some form of pneumonia or a bad cold, so he went to his doctor for an evaluation. After several exhaustive tests, the doctor determined his cancer had returned, only now it was located in his lungs and brain. He had stage 4 lung cancer, and it had metastasized to the brain. The prognosis was bleak indeed.

The recommended treatments of radiation and chemotherapy took their toll on the aging man, and soon he was a thin shell of his former self. He eventually contracted a form of pneumonia that was a direct side effect of the treatment, so he was admitted to the hospital three times over a period of just a few weeks, and he was put on oxygen 24/7 on the last visit. Doctors said he probably only had a few weeks to live, and he was sent to live in a hospice facility.

It was at this point that his family decided to look into alternative therapies as a sort of last ditch effort. They tried creative visualization, acupuncture, and even Reiki energy therapy, but nothing provided any significant results. Then John, Stan’s future son-in-law, started researching cannabis therapies. At first, the cannabis was only meant to help with his appetite and nausea, but the overall results were entirely unexpected.

Stan started taking two daily doses of cannabis oil. The first was a capsule of coconut oil infused with cannabis in the morning, and the second was a high-potency THC oil before bed. Within a few weeks, Stan was able to give up the oxygen they had him on 24/7, he regained some of his lost weight, and his strength seemed to be returning. He also slept better at night and didn’t need his walker to get around. The turnaround was miraculous not only to Stan and his family, but to those who witnessed his recovery firsthand.

Several months went by and Stan decided to get an MRI in order to determine how the cannabis had affected the cancer in his lungs and brain. The results were shocking to say the least. A single sentence verified what Stan suspected. There was no evidence of recurrent disease. The life-threatening cancer that had metastasized to his brain was no longer there. Dubbed a miracle by every doctor to examine his case, Stan and his family remain convinced the cannabis was the key factor in his return to a healthy life.

In order to continue fighting against recurrence, Stan has stayed on his cannabis oil treatment, which not only fights cancer but has other benefits as well, like anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, anti-depression, and many other clinical uses.

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