El Chapo Has Harsh Threats to Trump: You’re Going to ‘Swallow Your Words’

El Chapo Has Harsh Threats to Trump: You’re Going to ‘Swallow Your Words’

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, may have put his foot in his mouth with some recent comments and racial slurs. During a recent debate, Trump decided to spew vile remarks dealing with our Mexican neighbors. While Trump does have many people rooting for his win during the 2016 elections, there is at least one person who wants nothing more than to hurt Trump for the insults that he made towards Mexican people.

During a recent debate, Trump informed the public that Mexico is sending rapists and murderers across the borders. He also informed the public that his election would send these people back to Mexico. Of course, as he traveled for his promotional campaign, he continued spewing racial slurs to his supporters, and this got the attention of one person in particular.

Recently escaped Mexican prisoner, El Chapo, took to social media telling Trump what he thought about his proclamation and beliefs of the Mexican people. Not only did El Chapo tell Trump that he was going to make him eat his words, in a not-so-politely context, but he also made a philosophical statement about being down one day and up another. One can only assume that he was responding, again, to Trump’s ignorance and hate speech.

When El Chapo escaped from prison, Trump explained that he would kick El Chapo’s a**, but he is singing a different tune now that El Chapo has singled him out. When he saw the Tweets from El Chapo, he quickly called the FBI to inform them that he was receiving death threats from the Mexican drug lord.

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