Duggars Claim Gays Must Change Their Ways If They Want To Go To Heaven

Duggars Claim Gays Must Change Their Ways If They Want To Go To Heaven

The controversial Duggar family has engendered a great deal of negative publicity over the past few months with the revelation that one of the sons had molested a number of his younger sisters.

That controversy continued after the Supreme Court’s ruling that now legalizes gay marriage across the country. In response to that ruling, which outraged Conservatives and many religiously-oriented people, the Duggars wrote on their Facebook account that they were praying for the United States and then quoted a Bible verse.

Given the timing of the posting, the verse is presumably directed at gays, since it states that those individuals who are doing wicked things should renounce their actions if they wish to get to Heaven.

Critics of the family quickly charged that the remarks were hypocritical in light of the fact that Josh Duggar, the son who had made the confession about his sisters, had committed a sin that had actually hurt other people.

Those same critics pointed to the fact that Duggar had served as a high-profile spokesman for the Family Research Council, which has sometimes referred to gay people as pedophiles. Such a comment has been dismissed by those who have studied the issue of homosexuality, with the opinion being that the pevalance of pedophilia is higher among heterosexuals than it is among gays.

Those same critics have also pointed out that the Duggars said nothing about this issue for nearly a decade. During that time frame, their highly successful reality television series became very popular,

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