Drones Of Paranoid GOPers Plan To Monitor ‘Military Takeover’ Of Texas

Drones Of Paranoid GOPers Plan To Monitor ‘Military Takeover’ Of Texas

There is something brewing in Texas, and it’s setting right wing extremists on fire. According to paranoid conservatives, it is the military preparing for martial law. However, according to the military, it is simply a massive military training exercise, dubbed Jade Helm 15, which spans multiple states in the Southwestern United States.

The conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this, proposing everything from martial law aimed at confiscating guns from the American people, to aerial chem trails with the ability to “turn people gay”.

Despite repeated assurances from the government and the military, the theories and suspicion won’t go away. Gun-loving Texans are not taking any chances. Apparently, not even their own elected officials are assured by these claims, as Texas Governor Greg Abbot has called on state militias (and there are many of them) to “supervise” these exercises.

These militias, as well as hundreds of other concerned citizens from Texas and Arizona, have planted themselves in the desert to oversee the operations and “keep an eye” on arguably the best military in the world.

Eric Johnson, who leads a “Counter Jade Helm” movement on Facebook, has said: “Obviously on a military base they can do whatever they want. But if they’re going to train on public land we have a right as American citizens to watch what they’re doing”.

Meanwhile, the media continues to stir the pot, and the conspiracy theorists like Johnson keep the speculation going strong. Only time will tell who is right.

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