Driver Who Was Texting Causes Horrific Crash. What Is Revealed On The X-Ray, I Am Heart Broken

Aimee Eckert has made it her mission to educate others on just how horrific texting while driving can be. As a victim of a horrible car accident in 2011, she has first hand experience of how one simple text message can change a person’s life forever.

Four years ago, Eckert’s vehicle was hit head on when a texting driver swerved into her lane going an estimated 75 mph. Eckert suffered serious injuries as emergency technicians took over an hour to extract her from her vehicle. She lost a significant amount of blood and needed to be resuscitated four times during her helicopter trip to the hospital.

According to Fox19 news, Eckert’s recovery lasted four months in the hospital before she was released. She suffered many scars, an amputated leg, and her limbs were put back together with metal.

However, Eckert’s heartbreaking story doesn’t end there. During an interview after her release, an image of her xray after the accident was also included in the news segment, showing that she was six months pregnant at the time of the crash. Eckert lost her baby during the accident.

Eckert is now married and working at a new job, while still finding time to educate others of the consequences of texting and driving. She hopes her story will make drivers put down their phones while they are behind the wheel and save someone else from a similar heartwrenching experience.

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