Donald Trump – Executive Admission #1

Newly elected President Donald Trump has always enjoyed using social media platforms to get his word out. Now, these same forms of communication are turning the tables against him in some hilarious memes since the NYC businessman took office.

Some folks are having a ball trying to “Make America great again” in their own presidential way. One of these clever new apps is called, Donald Draws Executive Doodle, created by 321 Fetch.

In other words, if you’re not a fan of the Trump administration, namely the commander-in-chief, the app gives you free reign to draw executive doodles and make fun of President Trump in the process.

Donald Trump – Executive Admission #1

The app is a popular draw at Google Play Store, and those who use the app enjoy poking fun at the word “bigly.” To check out the app, click here.

Supposedly, President Trump had used the word numerous times during his run for office. Folks were laughing hard at the so-called “non-word.”

However, bigly is a word and appears in the dictionary and means “with great force” or “in a big manner.”

Others believe the President was saying the words “big league” instead.

None of that seems to matter, because the sarcasm has begun on Donald Draws Executive Doodle with a very fun GIF. displays the too funny “I lost bigly” app comment here in action.

In case you don’t know, GIF is a slang word for “Graphics Interchange Format – Picture Format.” GIF is a computer image that moves as an animation, because it consists of frames, like a movie with no sound. features all kinds of GIFs in five categories: Reactions, Entertainment, Sports, Stickers and Artists. The site was founded by Alex Chung.

Meanwhile, even the esteemed Washington Post is having fun with Trump’s “I lost bigly” mantra. The paper used this as their headline, after the federal appeals court upheld the suspension of his controversial immigration order:

“Donald Trump just lost, bigly.”

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