Donald Trump Didn’t Attend One Single Veteran’s Day Event on Veterans Day

Donald Trump’s plan to make America great again apparently doesn’t include supporting veterans. November 11 was Veteran’s Day, traditionally a time for politicians to visit military graveyards or local celebrations. Donald Trump stayed locked away in his tower, too afraid to come out and face New York City.

Critics have long pointed out his disdain for the military. As a young man, Trump dodged the draft several times by claiming to have spurs on his foot. He currently cannot remember which foot had the deficiency. During his campaign, Trump drew harsh fire for criticizing wounded POW John McCain, saying “I like people who weren’t captured” when asked for his thoughts on the senator. Trump also feuded with the Khan Gold Star family after the challenged his words on Muslims.

Now is a time for Trump to step up and try to act presidential. He needs to show that he can unite the country by abandoning his hateful campaign tactics and being a leader for all Americans. Instead, his managers are keeping him behind closed doors while they scramble for power in the new regime. Trump has barely been seen in public besides a 60 minutes interview.

While he could have found plenty of Veteran’s Day celebrations in New York City, Trump’s victory has not been met warmly in the Big Apple. Thousands of protestors have marched to Trump Tower over the past few days. They’re upset about the President-elect’s policies, Cabinet positions and decision to spend significant time in Manhattan. The Secret Service is limiting foot and vehicular traffic within several blocks of Trump’s position, causing serious traffic issues in the densely populated borough.

If Trump’s team bothers to discuss his absence on Veteran’s Day, they may refer to the difficulties of traveling under the protection of Secret Service. Of course, this didn’t stop President Obama from speaking at Arlington National Cemetery. No matter what spin they deliver, it’s clear from years of Trump’s actions that he has no interest in supporting the American military.

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