Donald J. Trump is Unfit to Serve as President – Mentally

Donald J. Trump is Unfit to Serve as President – Mentally

Donald’ Trump’s first few weeks in office have seen quite a number of derisive, detrimental events. Now there is a single question that is starting to creep up in both conservative and liberal circles alike: Is this man mentally fit enough to lead the United States?

Sadly, the answer is looking more and more like a resounding, No.

One of the greatest examples is the treasonous relationship Michael Flynn had with the Russian state. This is only the most recent example of Trump’s deceit, and ineptitude to perform the duties of the highest office of the land.

Perhaps even more frightening is the prospect that Trump himself is not truly loyal to the United States. His continuing interactions with Vladimir Putin illustrate for us a man who offers far too much respect for a totalitarian regime. As Republicans try to downplay what sort of relationship Trump might have with Putin and others in Russia, many are starting to see cracks in this web of lies. There were already a number of unusual connections between Trump and Putin during Trump’s campaign, and those interactions will eventually need to come to light if Trump is to adequately explain himself, which he will not be able to do.

There are several prominent Republicans who are already wondering how and when the GOP will be forced to confront Trump and his administration on their many illicit and possibly illegal actions. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are two such Senators, and it is only a matter of time before others join them. Graham and McCain have also called into question the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser. The reasoning behind the resignation was that he lied about the extent of his discussions and interaction with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. However, it is possible that the resignation was to protect Trump from a potential threat to his secrecy regarding his own connection with Russia.

Congress has been requested by both Republican and Democrat leaders to use their intelligence committees to investigate the events surrounding the resignation of Flynn, but some have stated that won’t be sufficient. Instead, they argue that a special committee should be appointed that would have more transparency and greater freedom to investigate. The idea behind this is to prevent anything pertinent from being swept under the proverbial rug.

One possible issue with either course of action is newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who played an integral part in Trump’s campaign and has since been quite involved in the administration. Technically, Sessions should recuse himself from any investigations or judicial action that may occur as a result of Michael Flynn’s resignation since he was appointed by the president. It would not be possible for Sessions to maintain neutrality during such investigations, and if he fails to recuse himself, it will only make the administration look as if they are purposefully attempting to hide something.

In response to these allegations, Trump went to Twitter, as he usually does, and blamed those who leaked the information as opposed to taking responsibility for the issue himself, or at the very least lambasting Flynn for his obvious deceit. Trump seems to think that acting shadily or breaking the highest laws of the land are fine if the government officials who break those laws are never caught or brought to light. Such an attitude should be deeply alarming to anyone living in a world where such a man has such vast influence.

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