Domino’s Worker Reaizes Customer Hasn’t Ordered In 11 Days – And Cops Hear THIS Inside His House

Domino’s Worker Reaizes Customer Hasn’t Ordered In 11 Days – And Cops Hear THIS Inside His House

Kirk Alexander was one of the most loyal delivery customers at his local Domino’s Pizza restaurant. The Domino’s delivery staff had developed a friendly relationship with this quiet man who regularly ordered pizza from the establishment week after week. That’s why when 11 days went by without Alexander calling to place his usual order, Sarah Fuller, the Domino’s manager, took notice. Beginning to grow uneasy after this sudden loss of a regular customer, this Good Samaritan manager sent one of her delivery workers over to Kirk’s home to check and make sure he was okay. It’s a good thing she followed through on her instincts, because what the delivery person found was worthy of concern.

When the delivery man knocked on Kirk’s door, he did not answer it. He also did not pick up his telephone, which went straight to voicemail when the worker attempted to call him. However, the worker noticed that lights were on in the home and the television was still on. Feeling a sense of urgency at these unusual circumstances, the delivery worker felt compelled to make a 911 call. Sarah Fuller remarked on feeling “scared, worried,” and wondering “What happened? What was going on?”

When the police arrived at the scene, they heard Kirk’s faint cries for help. There was no time to lose. They entered the home and determined that Kirk needed medical attention right away. Thankfully, through the care and concern of a manager, a pizza delivery worker, the police, and then medical staff at a local hospital, a potential tragedy was averted. Kirk is now on the road to recovery. Domino’s staff received an official word of thanks from the Marion County Sheriff’s office for their willingness to show such consideration toward a customer. Though there are many stories out there portraying the selfishness of many people in modern society, it’s nice to know that there are still some silver lining stories out there about regular citizens who care enough to look out for their neighbors. Sarah Fuller and her team’s example of proactive kindness is truly an inspiration.

It’s very likely that these heroes actually saved Mr. Alexander’s life. If you feel like they deserve to be recognized and praised for their thoughtful actions, please SHARE this uplifting story!

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