Dog Reacts After Owner Tells Him They Are Going To Get A Kitten

There is an incredibly heartwarming advertisement circulating the Internet. It seems that dogs are man’s best friend but dogs also need friends too. And that is the message of the ad — pets bring excitement and happiness into your life, even if you are a dog.

What is so adorable about the ad is that a very loving dog owner videotaped his dog being excited in the living room. You don’t specifically know what the dog is all excited about because the sound has been removed from the video and replaced with dubbed-in voices.

You can imagine the dog is excited because he heard the word “walk” or that he was being teased with the treat. All that you specifically know is that the dog is excited as he dances around the living room floor with the a moving mouth letting you know that he is barking a little bit.

The dog owner synced up a dubbed-in voice to the pet’s moving mouth. The owner acts as a narrator and completes a conversation with his excited dog. And the creator of the video does a very good job. It looks like one of those Bad Lip Reading videos but a whole lot cuter.

The video kicks off with a simple question — “Hey, remember how you wanted a cat?”

The dog answers, “Yeah!” With his attention focused squarely on the camera.

The narrating owner then proceeds to tell the dog a story about his day at the pet store. The dog is in rapture, constantly egging the owner to tell him more. What proceeds is a constant and loving back-and-forth that drives the dog crazy. The pooch begins to pace up and down the living room floor in excited anticipation.

The narrator keeps slowly teasing the fact that he may have gotten the cat. This drives Mr. dog pretty crazy and he tries to leave the conversation a few times asking, “Where is she?”

Our narrator tells the dog to keep his collar on and to pay attention to the story. But what the dog doesn’t know is that he is buckled-in for even more tantalizing frustration.

The narrator starts his story again, telling the dog that he went to the pet store. It is taken completely out of context but it looks like the dog is getting inpatient. It’s the perfect reaction to the narrator;s story but the pooch probably just want to go for a walk in real life. That’s what makes the video so brilliant.

The owner then tells the inpatient pooch that he went to see the snakes. The dog then visibly looks disappointed but is reassured that the owner did not get a snake.

The owner then goes through a list of all the animals in the pet store that he looked at, including gerbils, hamsters, newts, lizards and any other critter that you can think of besides a cat. The dog sits there waiting patiently to hear the magic words. His mouth keeps moving with the dubbed-in voice saying, “Yup,” over and over again.

The narrator then says the magic words, he saw the kittens. The dog throws a mini fit, exclaiming that is exactly what he wants to hear. The narrator then continues to say that he went to go see the hermit crabs. “Oh, come on!” the dog exclaims.

The video then ends with the dog hearing the meow of a kitten off into the distance. His ears perk up and he runs out of shot to meet his new female feline friend. A simple message displays to close out the viral video — Pets Need Someone To Talk To.

Boom. Extremely effective.

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