Doctors Told Her One Of Her Twins Was Dead. But She Held Her Anyway. What Happened. Wow

After three years of trying to conceive a child, Kate and David Ogg were overjoyed to learn that they had been doubly blessed with twins. They excitedly prepared for the arrival of their two miracles, only to be hit with nerve wracking news at only twenty six weeks along – Kate had to deliver the twins early.

Still, the couple remained hopeful for their children. After the delivery, they expectantly asked the doctor about the sexes of their twins. But the mood in the room was abysmal. Kate knew that something was wrong. And then she and her husband received news that no parent should ever have to hear – their son, who they had chosen to name Jamie, had not survived.

Unable to accept what was happening, Kate demanded to be allowed to hold her son. She cradled him, skin to skin, against her chest, while David climbed into the hospital bed with them. Together they used their body heat to warm up their son’s tiny, lifeless form. All the while Kate sobbed at the unbearable and sudden loss of the child she had already loved.

And then a true miracle occurred. Jamie began to move. He began to breathe. Kate and David called for the midwives to come back into the room, but they were certain their son was on the cusp of death, and that they needed not to get their hopes up. But as the night progressed, Jamie grew stronger and stronger. He opened his eyes. He grabbed David’s finger.

And now? More than five years later? Jamie is a happy, healthy, miraculous boy.

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