Doctors Deliver Rare Set Of Twins – Seconds Later They Discover Something SHOCKING…

On Mother’s Day last year, Sarah Thistlethwaite delivered twin daughters Jenna and Jillian Thistlewaite at the Akron General Medical Center in Ohio. While twins are not rare, what makes Jenna and Jillian so different is that the girls were mono mono twins, which means that they shared the same amniotic sac and placenta.

The odds of having a set of mono mono twins is around one in ten thousand. Having a set of mono mono twins can be extremely high risk because the babies share the same placenta and amniotic sac.

Their parents were concerned after finding out that mother Sarah was carrying mono mono twins. However the Thistlewaite girls were born not only healthy, but the doctors noticed that when they were delivered, they were holding hands!

The Thistlewaite girls are now coming up on their first birthday. Their father Bill said that not only are they doing well, they are thriving! He also said that for the first seven months, the girls constantly grabbed for each other. They liked to lay side-by-side and reach out for each other’s hands. He said that they only recently stopped doing that. Their parents say that the girls are also getting close to walking now as well.

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