Do You Have One Of These VHS Tapes? They Could Be Worth Upwards of $10,000

The VHS tapes hiding up in your attic could be worth a lot more than you think. In fact, according to a report this year from Your Nation News, a VHS copy of Beauty and the Beast sold for $9,999 on eBay.

The increase in selling price for these tapes has been attributed editing changes that have been made in the later versions of the movies. More collectors are willing to pay top dollar for the full cut.

But some people are sceptic about these reports, including Tony Pernicone, who is a fine arts dealer and has spent nearly 30 years placing value on Disney memorabilia. Tony says that, although these movies are listed for high prices, that doesn’t mean they are selling for those prices.

He added that many sellers are trying to mark the tapes as rare, and he often has people come to him and say they have found similar items selling for a lot of money online. In reality, though, those tapes never go for the full ticket price.

Other reports have indicated that articles including this information may even be lying about or embellishing the price.

Regardless, there are some items out there that may actually selling for a substantial amount of money. Eleven VHS tapes from the black diamond collection by Disney were reportedly sold at over $400 on eBay.

Earlier this year, The Birmingham Mail released a list of the 10 most expensive VHS tapes. Included on the list were films like Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks, which was estimated to sell at around $1,800, The Beast in Heat, at a price of around $1,450, and Betrayed, at around $1,320. The article was not clear about where the tapes had been sold or where they got information on the selling prices.

But despite this evidence, Tony is still unconvinced. He has said that it’s impossible to consistently get prices like this when selling VHS tapes or other memorabilia. Many other things must be considered when it comes to selling collector’s items.

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