DIY: Combine Wood, A Photo, And Glue For Very Personal Art Project

This is one of the simplest and neatest DIY projects you’ll ever do: Transfer a photo onto a block of wood to make a rugged and eye catching memento. To start, you’ll only need a photo that’s been printed out on copy paper, a piece of wood that’s as large as the photo and has at least one flat surface, mod podge and a gel medium from your local craft store.

Once you’ve assembled your supplies, simply use a brush to coat the wood thoroughly with the gel medium, then place the copied photo face down on it. Make sure you press down on the whole thing so that the entire picture transfers. Let it dry for at least one night, then when it’s completely dry, grab a washcloth. Wet the washcloth down, then use it so soak the paper on the block.

When it’s all wet, use your finger to gently scrub away the paper, making sure that no paper residue remains on the wood. Once you’ve removed all the paper, you’ll find that your photo’s right there on the wood!

To set it, use a brush and coat it with a layer of mod podge. Voila! Now you have a simple but special way to immortalize your favorite and most treasured photos. Use it as a gift, or simply a way to spice up your house and wow your guests. No matter what you do with it, it’s definitely cooler than just an old picture frame!

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