Disgusting Woman On Bus Won’t Let Soldier Sit Down. What Happens Next? SO GOOD

Disgusting Woman On Bus Won’t Let Soldier Sit Down. What Happens Next? SO GOOD

An American soldier had just got back after spending time on the chaotic front lines of Germany for a few weeks. He was a soldier in World War II. Since he had at long last been given the chance to rest and recuperate, he took a train to go to London, England. Since the train was packed with many people, he had to do a lot of walking to find an available seat. The sole available seat he could locate was right next to a middle aged woman.

Although there was no human being in the seat next to her, the woman’s small dog was seated there. The exhausted soldier asked the British woman if she would allow him to use that seat. She gazed at him in a snobbish manner and told him that she thinks that Americans are extremely rude, and asked him if he hadn’t realize that her pet Fifi was in the seat.

Defeated, the American soldier left the woman and her dog alone. He still was very intent on locating a seat he could use. He was unsuccessful, though, and encountered the unpleasant woman and her pet yet again. He decided to request the chance to use the seat one more time, and said please and politely told her that he was extremely exhausted and worn out. She scrunched up her face and then responded by saying that Americans are both rude and conceited, reacting with pure disbelief. He didn’t respond to her comment. He simply bent down, lifted the woman’s small dog up and threw it out of the train via the open window.

The lady wailed and screamed and asked if anyone around her could help her. She wanted other people to help her scold the American. A nearby man from England decided it was time to say something. He said that Americans tend to have the habit of reacting incorrectly to things that happen to them. He mentioned the fact that Americans use the incorrect hand to carry their forks while eating. He mentioned that they drive their vehicles on the incorrect sides of streets. He also mentioned that the solder had just thrown the incorrect “bitch” out of the moving train’s window.

It goes without saying that a little kindness and consideration goes a long, long way, no matter which country you come from. It also goes without saying that the British male bystander was 100 percent correct in his words. The American shoulder should never ever have touched that poor and unassuming dog. He should, however, have exchanged some choice words with the highly unpleasant and thoughtless owner of the animal. We could all benefit from more kindness.

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