Disgusting Group Disrespects Memorial For Fallen Soldiers When A Guard Does THIS

The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier is located in Arlington, Virginia. This is a monument that honors soldiers who died and did not have their remains identified. People are commanded to be silent and respectful when they are visiting this memorial out of reverence for the people who have lost their lives.

There was recently a military memorial held at The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier here, and people there were being very rude. They were murmuring and laughing during the service. However, a soldier there decided that he would do something to demand respect.

The soldier holds his rifle and stops in stance. The crowd is silenced. The soldier also says, “It is requested that everybody maintains a level of respect and silence”. It is amazing how everyone stopped speaking as soon as they heard the soldier speak. Hopefully, these people learned their lesson about being respectful when they visit a historic place.

It is amazing to see someone stand up for what is right. The video of the soldier demanding that people show respect for people who have fallen has gone viral. It has received over six million views. The video has also been shared on Facebook over 69,000 times.

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