Dirty, Wild Eagle Caught In His Backyard – So He Does What Any Good American Would Do!

Dirty, Wild Eagle Caught In His Backyard – So He Does What Any Good American Would Do!

The magnificent American bald eagle possesses amazing power and grace. From this bird’s impressive wingspan to its powerful beak and sharp talons, the eagle captivates people with its natural beauty and strength. Human beings from around the world enjoy an opportunity to watch these spectacular birds of prey. Bird lovers especially marvel at the elegance of eagles soaring in the skies over their native North American habitat.

Perhaps not surprisingly, caring for an injured eagle requires special training. Unlike many large birds, the eagle can inflict severe damage on human beings. Most raptor centers require individuals who handle an injured or rehabilitating eagle to undertake special precautions to avoid accidents.

The American eagle holds spiritual significance for many Native Americans. Long an object of immense interest to tribal peoples, the eagle still inspires strong emotions. The awesome majesty of this remarkable bird impresses millions of people.

Recently, Native Americans posted a video of an incredible site. An eagle decided to take a dip in a trough full of water. Many birds enjoy the opportunity to cool off by enjoying a cool bath. Birds sometimes perch near water, especially during hot weather, and splash their bodies through the contents of a birdbath or pond in order to obtain relief from biting insects and hot, searing temperatures.

The image of the bald eagle showed the bird submerging itself fully in the trough. The eagle briefly dipped its head under the water, then splashed its wings and torso. The creature appeared to appreciate the damp, cool liquid on a brilliantly sunny day. Although under normal circumstances, eagles rarely live in close contact with people, these birds do sometimes become familiar with man-made environments during the process of wildlife rehabilitation. Watching an eagle beating the summer heat remains an unusual sight! Check out the video here. 

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