Diners Start Disrespecting His Elderly Father, But How He Responds? The Entire Restaurant Shuts Up

Our parents are the people responsible for bringing us into this wild, crazy world. Most would agree that taking care of our aging parents is a human responsibility – paying our debts, if nothing else. However, no one wants to rush into such a grim task. In some countries, laws have been erected to ensure that children support their parents both financially and emotionally once they reach a certain age. In some instances, those who fail to visit an elderly parent are subject to fines, or even imprisonment… Caring for our elders shouldn’t be something that has to be required by law … it should be something that we do out of respect, fairness and love.

A man and his elderly father were going out to diner. The older man was weak, shaky, and spilled his soup on his clothes as he ate. Patrons of the restaurant were looking on with disdain, but the younger man only had eyes for his strong, aging father.

He helps his senior clean up the mess, not missing a crumb or a spatter, his motions steeped in care. The diner’s other customers continue muttering and staring in disgust. At the end of the meal, the younger man and his father go to the restroom, where the son combs his father’s hair, wipes away every tiny spatter, brushes off all the crumbs and helped his dad settle his glasses squarely in front of his eyes. His every move speaks of love.

They returned to the dining room, the audience still looking on in silent disbelief. None of them able to fathom how anyone could make such a public display of himself. As the younger man pays the bill and moves toward the door with his father another aging gentleman speaks up:

“Did you leave something behind, son?”

The son quickly took stock before replying,

“No, sir, I don’t believe so.”

The old man’s reply was strong and full of heart.

“Yes, you have. You have left instructions for all of the children here and hope for all of their parents.”

Diners Start Disrespecting His Elderly Father, But How He Responds? The Entire Restaurant Shuts Up

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