Determined Boy Won’t Stop Helping His Disabled Friend Until They Can Sit On The Swing Together

Being a true best friend at any age means standing together through the best times and the absolute worst. Disabled Augusto Barbieri has found his best friend for life in the compassionate Felipe Wendel. These two young boys don’t let anything stand in the way of their fun, even though it required that Felipe help Augusto accomplish the difficult task of climbing onto a swing.

In a video that has been shared and viewed thousands of times, the heartwarming friendship is a lesson in the truest form of sensitivity and kindness.

At an age that children are often viewed as selfish or careless, Felipe patiently helps his disabled buddy climb onto a swing so that they could take a break together. He never complains or becomes frustrated as he assists and supports Augusto, and the pair both seem overjoyed once their task is complete.

The love shared between these two little boys is not effected by the limitations of a physical disability. Instead of swinging alone while Augusto stood by watching, Felipe would not be happy until his friend could join him. In a time that the world seems to lack compassion for those that are viewed as “different”, there is a lot that can be learned from this display of friendship.

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