Details of Trump’s First Call With Putin Leak – Some of This is Quite Embarrassing

Details of Trump’s First Call With Putin Leak – Some of This is Quite Embarrassing

In yet another leak from the Trump White House, sources have let details from the first discussion between President Trump and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, slip into the mainstream media.

During the conversation, Trump boasted about his “popularity” and complained about “bad deals” made between America and Russia under the Obama administration. This alarming information also points to an ignored peace gesture from Putin.

Sources claim that Putin offered Trump an extension on the 2010 New STRAT treaty formed between Russia and America (this deal would significantly lower nuclear stockpiles). Embarrassingly, our so-called president Trump had no inkling whatsoever as to what the New START treaty was or what it did.

Daryl Kimball, the executive director of the Arms Control Associaton (a group aimed at lowering nuclear stockpiles) suggested that,

“Trump is extremely ill-informed about the most serious foreign policy, national security issues a president needs to know. His cluelessness is dangerous in the sense that if he doesn’t understand the risks of nuclear weapons and commonsense measures to reduce the risks, he is, and the nation is, vulnerable to missteps.”

The supposed leak was even met with hesitation from conservatives, who fear the conversation indicates Trump’s incredible ignorance  towards one of the most crucial problems facing the world.

Technically, is not yet officially confirmed due to the fact that the recorder was frequently turned off during the talk. When quizzed about the situation, White House Secretary Sean Spicer stated, “the president’s conversation with President Putin is a private call between the two of them, and I’m going to leave it at that,”.

Until conflicting evidence is presented, this reported conversation is quite alarming. Most would agree that there is a number of negative things to say in regards to Putin, but at least he has demonstrated a willingness to put effort into monitoring nuclear stockpiles and reducing their overall number.

In the past, it has been common for both American presidents and Russian presidents to aim to reduce the number of nuclear stockpiles. One of the most famous exchanges – involving President Reagan – occurred during the Cold War. At this point in time, reducing nuclear stockpiles, along with countless other standards, faces the risk of falling prey to a president that focuses more on gut feelings than actual facts.

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