Despite Being Mocked For How She Looks. She Does This For Millions Of People To Watch. WOW!

Mandanah is a woman who has guts and is not afraid to show it! Although she may not fit into what is considered to be the societal standards for beauty, this talented belly dancer loves showing off her skills and talents on the stage. Donning a bikini top and a flowing skirt, Mandanah is a full-figured belly dancer that does not let what other people think stop her from doing what she loves.

A recent video of Mandanah dancing solo to a drum beat has gone viral, reaching over 30 million views. Her video has had many people commenting on it as well, some of which were fairly rude. However, the fabulous and fearless dancer had just as many comments supporting her as well.

Many people praised Mandanah for her talents and for being confident to get on stage and do what she loves. Others were supporting Mandanah for being a body-positive role model and not conforming to what others thought she should.

On a previous season of “Britain’s Got Talent”, a belly dancer was mocked because of her size when she first got onto the stage. However, once she got started with her routine, she managed to wow the judges and the audience. What many people fail to realize is that while belly dancing take both talent and skill to do, it is also a form of exercise and takes a lot of muscle to be able to control the body’s movements as they do.

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