Democratic Congressman Perfectly Explains to Trump What His Wiretap Tweets Mean

Democratic Congressman Perfectly Explains to Trump What His Wiretap Tweets Mean

Once again, President Donald Trump reminded the world why the majority of people wish he would just stop tweeting. It’s astounding to think about the sheer number of pointless tweets sent by Trump. Then again, it is also downright terrifying to think about the actual number of malicious tweets sent by Trump to cause people real emotional harm.

The latest burst of tweets from the President might have been dismissed as President Trump acting crazy with his Twitter once again. In case you didn’t hear, Trump tweeted out that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower just before the election. Naturally, President Trump didn’t offer any evidence for this outrageous claim. Many Americans met these tweets by rolling their eyes. Other Americans met the tweets with anger at the baseless accusations. However, people should actually be rejoicing over the implications of these tweets.

People covering national security issues quickly realized that President Trump might have inadvertently declassified an important part of the inquiry into Trump’s administration and political campaign. For example, Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) explained over Twitter exactly what President Trump’s tweets mean in the larger context of a criminal investigation against him. Congressman Lieu tweeted:

“Mr. President: If there was a wiretap at Trump Tower, that means a fed judge found probable cause of crime which means you are in deep shit.” 

Congressman Lieu is naturally referring to a FISA warrant the Trump campaign was issued in October of 2016. A secret email server in Trump Tower was being used to communicate with Alfa Bank, a bank that was later mentioned in the Trump Russia dossier. This warrant may have been insignificant. However, if Trump’s outlandish claim of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower is true, it means that the investigation of that secret email server was much more significant than anybody thought.

President Trump’s accusations can truly do no favors for his administration. There are only two outcomes here. The first outcome is that it turns out President Trump’s accusation is totally false. If this is the case, President Trump comes across as paranoid and obsessed with smearing Obama. Needless to say, that doesn’t make President Trump look like a man we want leading the country. The other outcome is that President Trump’s claims are completely accurate. However, if this is the case, it would mean Trump’s campaign has been doing things so questionable that the government had to get involved to monitor them. If the wiretapping did indeed take place, it just might cement the accusation that Russia helped Trump get elected. Once again, this doesn’t make Donald Trump look like the man Americans want leading the country.

This just might mark the end of President Trump. It’s very possible that future historians will see President Trump’s crazy accusation made on Twitter without evidence as the start of his unraveling. As shown above, nothing good can possibly come from the claim. It shows that President Trump is either crazy or a criminal under investigation by the highest levels of government.

Now, there is only one way this could bounce off President Trump. If we remember the IRS scandal under President Obama, we see how it’s not impossible for innocent people to become the target of excessive investigation simply for their political beliefs. President Obama was no friend of Donald Trump. If the wiretapping did take place, the only way out for President Trump is for him to hope that Americans view the FBI and President Obama as people who were out to get Trump for his beliefs. Unfortunately for President Trump, it doesn’t look like many Americans are inclined to think that way.

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