Delta’s First Black Female Pilots Fly Together – Making History

Delta’s First Black Female Pilots Fly Together – Making History

Dawn Cook and Stephanie Johnson made history this week doing what they love.

Captain Johnson and First Officer Cook were the first two black female pilots to fly together for Delta Airlines. The Delta fliers fist-bumped and took selfies with big smiles to celebrate the milestone. They flew an A320 Airbus out of Detroit on Sunday, headed for Las Vegas.

Johnson is also Delta’s first black female captain. In an interview for a Delta newsletter, she said, “There were no pilots in my life growing up, and I think I’m the first person in my family to graduate from college. But for as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with airplanes and would think, ‘What a great thing it would be to know how to fly.'” Johnson is a pro with long experience and was the first black female pilot for Northwest Airlines in 1997.

What’s it like to be a role model for young women? “I feel a great sense of responsibility to be a positive role model,” Johnson said. “There are so few women in this profession and too many women who still don’t think of it as a career option.”

But maybe more young girls will consider it now and make their dreams take flight.

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