Decades Ago, An Evil Doctor Took her Newborn And Sold It. What Happened Just Days Ago? WOW!

During the 1950s and 1960s, Dr. Thomas Jugarthy Hicks lied to many new mothers and told them that their babies died. He sold these babies to out of state couples. It is estimated that Dr. Hicks sold 200 babies to out-of-state couples.

One week after Kriste Hughes was born, she was sold to adoptive parents. Dr. Hicks told Kriste’s mother that her daughter had a bad heart and had died shortly after birth. Kriste, who is now 51, recently found out the truth. She worked with ABC’S Nightline and was able to connect to one of her first cousins. Kriste’s first cousin stated that one of the aunts gave birth at Dr. Hicks’s clinic.

Kriste’s cousin also stated that one of the aunts had a son. She stated the son could possibly be Kriste’s biological brother. He took the DNA test, and it was a match. Kriste also received the news she had been waiting for her. She found out that her mother, Thelma Tipton, was still alive.

Thelma stated that she hated missing out on her daughter’s life. She also stated that Dr. Hicks robbed her by taking her daughter. Dr. Hicks surrendered his medical license in 1964. He died in 1972. He was never punished for selling the babies.

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