Dazzle Your Nails This Halloween With This Vibrant Candy Corn Nail Art!

Manicures are the new rage of the fashion world. Though consumer spending may be down, money spent on manicures has surprisingly remained the same. The popularity of having fun, accessorized nails has grown because they can be completely customized for every woman and are relatively inexpensive to have done. Many of the styles can be done at home, helping women to show off their fun nails and save money. This Halloween, take your costume to the next level with dazzling candy corn nails that are sure to let everyone know how trendy you are.

To make your nails look like pieces of candy corn, you will need orange, yellow, white and glitter nail polish. Be sure to also grab your favorite top coat, scissors and sponge beauty applicators before beginning. Begin by using the large portion of the sponge applicator. Place it on your thumb and cut the applicator to the same width as your thumb. The smaller portion will be used for your smaller fingernails while the larger portion of the applicator will be used for your larger fingernails. Next, paint each of your fingernails completely white. Make sure to do two coats and let each coat dry for several minutes before continuing.

Unscrew each of the bottles of nail polish and lay them out in the same order as candy corn: yellow, orange and then white. Keeping them in this order will ensure each nail looks the same and that no mistakes in color are made. Using the small portion of the applicator first, paint white, orange and yellow strips of nail polish directly onto the applicator. These stripes should be right on top of one another, similar to how the actual candy looks. Stamp the painted sponge onto the fingernail, pressing firmly to ensure the color is coated evenly. Repeat with the remaining smaller nails. The stamps may need to be re-painted and re-applied up to the times per nail to allow for the most vibrant color to show. Repeat the process using the larger sponge for the thumbs and any larger nails. After all of the nail polish has been applied, use a small brush and nail polish remover to clean the skin around the nails. This will remove any excess nail polish that was inadvertently applied to the skin during the application.

Finish off your nails with a clear glitter coat. This will add fun and sparkle to your nails. Finally, apply your favorite top coat to help protect your new Halloween-themed nails so they last all through the night. Once they are completely dry, enjoy showing off your nails at your next Halloween party.

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