Daughter Of Police Brutality Victim Has Something Very Interesting To Share About Bernie…

The black community has struggled to get many of their issues in the spotlight of the presidential elections. The Republican field seems to make no overtures to blacks or the issues they are concerned about, and the Democrats have been focusing on missteps of Hilary Clinton like Benghazi and private emails.

Erica Garner has attempted to return the focus to the issue of police brutality and the negative impact it has had in black society. Rather than throw her support for a thinly masked yet unnamed Hilary Clinton, black activist Erica Garner has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, who was killed by police in New York, believes that Sanders is the only candidate who is taking racial issues seriously.

Critical of establishment candidates, Garner believes that Sanders and his commitment to help blacks with better jobs, better education, and investment in black neighborhoods makes Sanders the clear choice for black voters. With the string of controversial deaths of blacks to police, Garner wants a candidate who will provide justice for all.

She also clearly believes that Sanders’ stance against Wall Street will benefits all Americans, as she believes they are getting ripped off by this financial machine that focuses more on profits than improving lives. It is unclear yet if Garner’s endorsement will prompt other black leaders to follow suit, but her strong voice is likely to resonate with disenfranchised voters.

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