Dash-Cam Captures Cop Pulling Over 80-Year-Old Woman. What He Does Next Is Great!

Most police officers will tell you that they’ve seen it all, but this is one story that will surprise even veteran law enforcement officials. Dave Hintz, a Washington State Trooper that has served for 24 years, was on a routine patrol when he received reports of an 80 year old woman driving down a busy highway on a motorized scooter.

Many drivers and business owners nearby had alerted the police to the situation, concerned for the woman’s safety. Pulling the elderly woman over, Hintz learned that she gone out for coffee and gotten lost, winding up four miles away from her home in Lynden, Washington. Hintz’s first concern was for the woman’s wellbeing, and so he offered to escort her back to her home.

As the elderly woman’s scooter only went six miles an hour, the journey from the highway to her home took seventy minutes. Hintz later admitted that the trip required a lot of patience, but he was quick to remind reporters that the motto of Washington State Patrol is “Service With Humility,” adding, “This particular case took a little more patience and humility but I wouldn’t have done it any differently.”

Hintz also expressed that he treated the woman the same way he hoped any other police officer would treat his mother if faced with the same situation. Hintz has since been praised by media outlets for his kindness and professionalism, serving as an example of the hard work and sacrifices law enforcement officials make everyday.

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