Dad Pushes 2 Mattresses Against The Back Wall – Then He Transforms Them!

Remodeling a bedroom usually takes a long time, but not for this father of two from Vermont. Adam, the man behind this fun indoor tree house bedroom, had been planning this remodel in secret since 2011, but he actually completed all of the work in just three days! Adam spends his weekdays as a web developer, and he uses his nights and weekends to indulge in his passion for woodworking. He decided to put his skills to work on this amazing gift for his daughters, and they were understandably excited and impressed.

Adam started by cleaning the bedroom to make some space. Then, he settled in and started building. He built two large trees with holes big enough for the girls to climb through, and he placed their mattresses inside the structure. He also created some drawers as built in storage for their clothes. One of the best parts of this project are the trap doors on each side that lead to some green netting over their bed. The netting works as a giant hammock that they can climb on and relax in. There is even a cool tunnel underneath their beds where they can play and share secrets with each other as sisters tend to do. This beautiful tree house is lit up with a strand of twinkle lights in the tunnel and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.

Of course, no modern remodeling project is complete without some video evidence, and this tree house bedroom is no exception. Adam made a time-lapse video that covers his entire three day process in only ten minutes. He probably made the video for his daughters to enjoy, but any viewer would be amazed by his construction and design skills. The sweetest part of the video is near the end where he captures his daughters’ reactions to seeing their bedroom’s transformation. Both of the girls were overwhelmed with joy, and both of their responses were precious. After several squeals of delight the first girl says, “Oh my goodness! Daddy, this is the best bed ever! We should show this to the president!”, and the second one says, “I want to buy this house for my kids!”

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