Dad Is Filming His Playful Puppy – But Never Saw What Was Standing Behind Him…

Dad Is Filming His Playful Puppy – But Never Saw What Was Standing Behind Him…

Dogs and birds are not two types of creatures that we would typically expect to become the best of friends. As much as we love our dogs, we know that they are not always necessarily the most gentle of creatures.

One might be even more worried to consider how a tiny parakeet might fare in the paws of a puppy, who might wound the little creature in its excitement to play with its new “toy.” However, sometimes friendship blooms in the strangest of circumstances, and in the animal kingdom cross-species buddies can be some of the most adorable ever.

So you might be surprised to see this Sheltie puppy getting along so famously with his new-found bird friend, but only until the cute overload hits full force and leaves you starry-eyed and swooning. The two interact with each other incredibly well, both managing to stay just this side of playful, with the puppy showing a lovely amount of restraint in getting to know his parakeet pal.

It’s so much fun to watch these two little ones interact with each other! There are a number of hilarious moments at hand as the two pat and poke at each other, but the most hilarious moment might be when the little bird takes to nibbling at the Sheltie’s nose.

Watch how the little pup’s tail goes wagging on and on throughout the video, and the absolutely adorable way he draws his friend in with his paw to examine him more closely.

If this isn’t a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is! Just try and see if you can resist watching it more than once!


Unexpected friends.

Posted by The Pet Collective on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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