Dad gets off the plane and sees his wife and 2 kids – then he reads their t-shirts.

Husband and father, Michael Mitchell, got off of a plane, walked through the gate, and anxiously headed to greet his wife, two children, and some other family members, one of which was holding a camera.

Once they were spotted in the crowded airport, he ran smiling to say hello and hug his wife and two boys, but was caught off guard by something that was written on one of his sons’ shirts. The shirt read, “promoted to big brother”. He did not quite know how to react but he didn’t seem to think much of it. He then turned to his wife and saw another peculiar message written on her shirt, across the tummy. Her shirt read “Daddy’s little girl”. His face went blank.

At first he wasn’t sure what it all meant. But he then realized what was going on: they were having a baby! A shocked and emotional Michael smiled the biggest you could possibly imagine and cried tears of joy together with his family.

His excitement was overflowing as he and his family celebrated this precious moment that had all been caught on camera.The raw and overwhelming emotions in this video will make anyone tear up. Spread the joy and share!

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