Dad Finds Strange Patch Below Daughter’s Window – His Next Discovery Left Everyone Sickened

Dad Finds Strange Patch Below Daughter’s Window – His Next Discovery Left Everyone Sickened

While mowing the lawn outside his Orlando home, one father noticed a small patch of bare ground just below his young daughter’s first floor bedroom window. His daughter was too young to be sneaking out at night, but the worn patch of grass clearly indicated that someone was spending time there.

Intrigued and concerned, he decided to investigate. Perhaps an animal might have taken up residence in the yard, he thought. His quiet residential neighborhood was not prepared for the shocking truth. According to WKMG-TV. While watching the spot one night to discover what could be lurking outside, he was horrified to find it was a full grown man. The peeping creep was waiting for the cover of darkness before he quietly stationed himself outside the 10-year-old’s bedroom window to her every night.

Immediately the father tried to chase and apprehend the peeping-Tom, but he escaped into the night swiftly, and without utterance. Shaken and angry, the father (who chose to remain unidentified) turned to local police, who have STILL not been able to track down the snake. “It is obviously disturbing,” a neighbor commented when she heard the news, “Especially in this area where everyone generally knows everyone else… you don’t expect something like this to happen here.”

The Orlando dad is not taking any chances and advised neighbors and friends to keep their windows and doors firmly locked at night, the curtains drawn closed. Police authorities recommended the same, adding that they are uncertain of the creeper’s whereabouts. He could be anywhere. Peeping in on anyone. Beware America.

Considering he fled on foot, he is likely a local, they admitted. Because the bare patch of ground outside the first floor window is already well-worn, detectives are sure he has been peeping into the window each night for quite a long time already.

“It’s right out of a horror movie,” area woman Betty Lorraine commented Wednesday, “Who knows who this guy is or why he would be staring into a little girl’s bedroom every night? I mean, what if he had decided to go inside next?” Neighbors are understandably shaken, but all they can do until the creeper’s apprehension is spread the word.

The father of the girls has asked that everyone let area parents know what he found and to be on the lookout for similar incidences around their homes. It is impossible to know what could have happened, but at least sharing the warning with families everywhere might save others from a similar disturbing event.

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