Dad Built A Bed For The Backyard, But Wait – This Mattress Is GENIUS!

Everyone enjoys laying back and relaxing on the grass outside while the sun and clouds pass overhead. This is something that often has to be done out in a park or field since homes do not always have usable lawns or yards. An increasing number of homes in certain areas actually have yards that are covered over in concrete making it impossible to grow a rich bed of grass to lay on. An answer might have just been discovered. One man found a way to create a bed in the backyard with a mattress made of grass. The do-it-yourself project is relatively easy and can be finished in just a single afternoon.

The idea is to build a bed frame out of wood, fill it with soil and then plant grass on top. You can create this bed anywhere outdoors. It can be placed over concrete, soil or more grass. It is important that there is good drainage in the area you choose. Water will be coming out if the bed and it needs to drain somewhere to prevent the wood from rotting or mold from developing. Additionally, you need to choose the right type of wood for the job. You generally want wood made for the outdoors that has been treated to resist damage from moisture and pests. Alternately, you could use artificial wood boards although they might be hard to work with.

The first step is to figure out the dimensions of your bed. You are going to need to build the frame first. It is bet to position the bed against the wall of a house, shed or other structure because it will look better. The frame begins with four durable planks of wood at least two inches thick and four inches high. Turn them on the narrow side so they are standing on edge. Create a box and attach the corners with galvanized screws. You now need around six to ten more wooden boards to create the base of the bed. Lay the boards running from the top to the bottom of the underlying frame. Screw them into place leaving just a little space between them for drainage. Attach four more boards on edge to the sides to create the box necessary to hold the soil.

The next step is to make a headboard. You want to use the same type of wood to create a rectangular box that is about three to four feet high. Make two equal rectangular frames. One frame goes on the top and the other on the bottom. Screw boards vertically to the frames to make a standing box. Put it on the bed at the top and screw it into place. You now want to get some thinner lengths of wood preferably with rounded edges. Attach these to the edges of the bed and top of the headboard box. Lay the boards flat to make a kind of decorative lip around the bed. Screw them into place.

You can stain the wood if you want to improve the durability and attractiveness. Put a layer of garden cloth along the inside of the bed to stop soil from falling out. Fill the bed with soil almost to the top. Get some soft buffalo turf and lay it down on top so that there are no gaps. Water the bed and allow it to settle in for about a week or two. The grass will quickly establish itself. You can now use the bed. Water it at least once or twice a week or as needed to keep the grass healthy. Use shears to trim the grass down when necessary. You now have an outdoor bed with a grass mattress that you can use any time.

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