Dad Breaks Down When His Son Reveals THIS Surprise While Walking Around His Home

A great surprise is bestowed upon an “Angry Grandpa”, as he is known on a popular YouTube channel. The “Angry Grandpa”, Charles Marvin Green, is given a surprise new home to live in by his son and wife.

The three of them went to look at a house the son and wife were to buy. A tour of the house was given to the father, “Angry Grandpa”.

The father was impressed by the size and layout of the house, as it was shown to him room by room. He liked the kitchen and other areas, specifically, mentioning how much they could do with the spacious home. He liked his son’s success and the fact that he could appreciate such a home with his wife.

At the end of the tour of the home, the son surprised his bi-polar, alcoholic father, by telling him that the home was not one he was seeking for himself, but for his father, the subject of the video. The father became overwhelmed and expressed emotional gratitude.

He was very surprised by his son’s gift and thanked him repeatedly while hugging him and crying. His emotional state was unnatural for his usual “angry” attitude, and was appreciated by his son and daughter-in-law.

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