Dad And Baby Are Having A Conversation… Just 10-Seconds In? I’m Dying From Laughter

Babies are quite responsive to the tone and tenderness of a person’s voice. In one case, a baby seemingly responded to the soft spoken word of a Spanish speaker even though its parents only speak English. This all goes to the power of conveying pure emotion in one’s voice. In this particular video, you’ll see a father and his loving daughter enjoy a primitive, but important conversation.

The video begins with the father and baby girl lying on a bed beside one another. The father initiates a small grunt. After a few seconds, his daughter, who is pleasantly sucking on a binky, utters the same grunt. After the father repeats the same quick grunt, the baby mimics the grunt, but adds a longer choppy grunt from its throat. The father queues in on this and repeats the grunt his little girl made.

It is at this point his daughter takes over the conversation. She makes another long throat based grunt which is perfectly mimicked by her dad. After the baby issues another sound that her father imitates, she quickly moves her left hand and places it back at the base of this neck. It is a simple, but tender gesture that slowly cements the bond between the two.

Watch the video and you’ll be reminded of how easy it is to form lifelong ties with a child at that age. The time spent learning to be in sync with one another will one day be visible in their conversations on important life altering decisions. Isn’t it true that it’s the little things that mean so much?

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